Rickard Security Keyless Door Entry Solutions – The future of security

Welcome to Rickard Security, where you’ll find a range of high-quality, affordable digital and electronic door lock and other door entry solutions. Door entry and security isn’t just a business for us. It is our passion. That’s why, here at Rickard Security, we offer only the best of breed entry-restricting devices, door access control and locks to our customers.

At Rickard Security, you’ll find a broad array of door entry solutions that we offer in partnership with VIDEX – a company known for its innovative technology and cutting-edge engineering of high-quality locks and electric, electronic and magnetic door entry solutions. Incorporated in 1985, VIDEX has now established itself as a recognized leader of high quality, sophisticated keyless door locks and entry systems in the UK.

Rickard Security is one of the pioneers in keyless door access solutions in the UK. Whether it is an electric door lock, an electromagnetic locking device, or any other type of door access system that you are in search of, you’re bound to find a VIDEX solution from Rickard Security to suit your specific needs.

Digital locking solutions

With the world heading to an all-digital existence, digital locks are fast becoming popular amongst residential, commercial and industrial users.  Part of Rickard’s keyless door entry solutions, our digital locking systems offer the ultimate peace of mind for property owners, residents and guests:

  • You’ll never have to pay to cut keys for visiting family or friends or corporate guests
  • You’ll never be continually scouring for your keys in cluttered bags and purses
  • You’ll never be overwhelmed with a bunch of bulky key rings and key chains
  • You’ll never lock yourself out of your own office or home due to being “keyless”
  • You’ll never misplace or lose your keys

With a Rickard digital door lock installed, you’ll always be in control of who enters your home, office or business premises. Our high-tech electronic locks and door entry systems are precision designed and engineered to offer maximum protection with ultimate peace of mind.

Our digital locks and door entry systems come from VIDEX - the world’s premier manufacturers of such devices. And that’s yet another reason for our customers to place their trust in us!

Electronic locking systems

Highly dependable support and service, coupled with innovative, cutting-edge technologies, are the hallmark of any electronic door lock provided by Rickard Security.  Our electronic door entry systems have taken years to perfect, and offer some of the most advanced security features in the security industry.

At Rickard Security, our door entry systems are vanguards for controlled access to a broad range of environments, including:

  • Banking and Financial institutions
  • Health Care facilities
  • Hospitality centers
  • Data centers
  • Educational institutions
  • Government offices
  • Corporate buildings
  • …and much more

With our advanced electronic locks, you can strategically build a highly sophisticated security solution around existing mechanical and manual locks. Simple to install, and discrete in their footprint, most of our electronically controlled door entry systems require minimal additional wiring or power connections. This no-fuss feature means you’ll be up and running with your secure door entry plans in no time!

Why spend thousands of pounds for a key-based, mechanical door entry system that could cost you hundreds of pounds more to maintain and upgrade. It’s just not worth it! Every day, more and more of your friends, neighbors, business competitors and corporate peer groups are embracing electronic locking solutions.

The benefits of using our electronic locking solutions along with your own logging, surveillance and monitoring systems:

  • Effortless upgrading
  • Detailed logging and reports
  • Quick and efficient installation
  • Easy integration with other security systems
  • No more need to manage separate mechanical keys
  • Regularly and seamlessly change access codes for better access control

Whether you need a stand-alone door entry system, or intend to use it as part of an existing integrated access control system, you’re bound to find the ideal electronic door locks here at Rickard Security.

Magnetic locking solutions

Electromagnetism has been popularly used to lock doors since the 1960’s. At Rickard Security, we offer a range of magnetic locks to fit a wide variety of applications. Our mag solutions offer a compelling case over conventional door entry systems or electric strike locks. The rapid response associated with mag lock devices, combined with the durability of Rickard-supplied locks, makes these systems invaluable in high traffic environments where electronic identity or access authentication are required.

Our customers usually choose to go with Rickard magnetic door access solutions because they are:

  • Manufactured to some of the highest standards in the industry
  • Quick to install – even by professionals with little installation experience
  • Easy to maintain
  • Produced with no moving parts – leaving little or no room for damage or degradation
  • Extremely durable, especially in high traffic areas
  • Responsive and immediate to activate – thus allowing faster entry/exit from and to access controlled areas

Our magnetic locks are highly adaptable in their use, and may be used to support either out-swinging or in-swinging applications. For typical out-swinging use, installation of the electromagnetic components is done on the side of the door header. For in-swinging needs, electromagnetic components are mounted on the opening corner of the door’s header.

Some of our mag locks and associated components include:

  • Mortice magnet (ME201)
  • Mortice magnet monitored (ME211)
  • Mini magnet (ME400)
  • Mini magnet monitored + led (ME420)
  • Double mini magnet (ME600)
  • Double mini magnet monitored + led (ME620)

Electric door entry devices

Rickard Security offers a wide variety of electric door entry devices. Depending on the application you may have in mind, an electric door lock could offer you a much better security advantage over other options. They are an especially great choice when installed with doors that swing outwards, from inside a protected premises, and that use cylindrical locks.

The reason for this added security feature is that the latch of an electric strike lock is exposed, even more so than that of an electric door locking device, making the former a much more tempting target for break-ins and burglars.

Our electric locks are available for use in two distinct modes:

  • Fail Safe Mode: The fail safe mode is usually ideal where you need to consider the security of inhabitants, residents and guests inside your premises. In the event of a power failure or electrical outage, fail safe mode locks will automatically unlock, allowing people to exit or enter the door without restriction
  • Fail Secure Mode: The fail secure mode may be ideal where you need your property to be secured in the event of electric power disruption. When power is cut off to doors with a fail secure lock, the door is automatically locked, preventing the entry or exit of people from the room/building

What makes Rickard Security electric door entry systems so effective is that they may be used as part of a comprehensive security apparatus. They may be integrated into an overall access control system, providing even greater layered security options for residential, commercial and industrial property owners and operators.

Some of the electric door entry devices and components that you may find of interest include:

  • Rim latch 8-12Vac + mortice plate (N203/MP)
  • Mortice latch remain open when energized 8-12Vac (NRO)
  • Ingersoll SC71 chrome 12Vac (ING/C)
  • Mortice latch with deadlock aperture 12Vac (GE)
  •  Mortice latch 12Vdc (30102B)

Electric strike locking solutions

Sometimes, your particular access control needs might not be met with magnetic solutions, especially if the area being secured is prone to high velocity magnetic interference. If that’s the case, then a magnetic lock might not be ideal for you. In the event that you do find a magnetic door lock is not to your liking, you might want to take a closer look at electric strike locking solutions.

If your application requires the use of a variety of latch bolt locksets instead of conventional lock strike plates, then an electric strike is ideal for you. An electric strike lock is an electromechanical door entry device that uses low voltage to control access to doors.

Here at Rickard Security, we offer our clients a large variety of electric strike door locking solutions as well.  So, if you are looking for choice, then you’re sure to find what you are looking for in our catalogue.  Our strike locking solutions can be used for various purposes, including stairwell security, controlling access to interior doors, securing fire exits, perimeter control and controlled access to elevators.

Our electric strike locking device and component choices include:

  • Rim strike fail safe (TS151)
  • Rim strike fail secure (TS152)
  • Rim latch 8-12Vac + mortice plate (N203/MP)
  • Mortice latch remain open when energized 8-12Vac (NRO)

Keypads for door entry solutions

Carting a bunch of keys is not always convenient. Key-based door access is often quite cumbersome, especially if there are a large number of inhabitants needing keys, or if there are many doors and access points to the premises for which keys are required.

While a Rickard Security supplied innovative door entry solution, like a mag lock or other electronic or electric access system may work for you, many of our clients are turning to the keypad door lock as an alternate solution. And here’s why:

  • With no keys necessary to gain access to the door, you’ll never need to spend money cutting keys for new inhabitants or guests!
  • And since there are no keys required, you’ll save lots of money in terms of making new keys or replacing old or lost keys!
  • Our keypads can support a large variety of innovative keypad door lock and access options, leaving you the flexibility to design your own unique security system
  • Key-codes can be quickly changed, deleted or updated, making these solutions much easier to maintain in the long run

A keypad lock from our vast selection of available choices is extremely aesthetic in its looks, easily blending with any style of door or access point you may have. Depending on how your individual door entry solution is designed, our keypads may be flush mounted against any surface, and used to actuate either our magnetic lock or electric strike locks.

Our keypad lock solutions and component choices include:

  • Aluminium Column for Keyswitch/Keypad (aluminium)
  • Aluminium column for keyswitch or Keypad (black)
  • System 300 Vandal Resistant Audio Panel with 1 Button and keypad
  • Code lock module (3 Code, 3 relay) keypad
  • 3000 code 2 relay for use with VNET Lite, keypad
  • Surface 9 codes grey plastic (19P) code lock keypad

Integrated security solutions

Keyless door access solutions can be as simple or as complex as your security needs require them to be. From mag locks to electronic locking systems, to electrical or digital access control, the options to secure your property – both on the exterior and interior – are limitless.

Here at Rickard Security, we don’t just sell locks - we offer security and peace of mind. Whether your application is met by a magnetic door lock, or by any one of the numerous solutions you’ll find right here on our website, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your property, possessions, guests, visitors and loved-ones are secured by a Rickard Security solution. Our door locking and access experts have many years of experience in helping clients choose the best door access and locking solutions that meet their unique needs.

All of our digital entry systems and electronic door locks are extremely dynamic and versatile, allowing them to form part of a comprehensive security solution for homes, offices, commercial and industrial applications.

  • Connect our door entry systems to your alarm systems
  • Make Rickard locks part of your security and monitoring package
  • Use our electronic entry systems as part of your own integrated intrusion protection solutions

So please browse through our vast collection of door locks – electronic, electric, digital and magnetic – and we are confident that you’ll find the lock that’s just perfect for your application.

Regardless of what you plan to protect – a school, an office, residential buildings, industrial complex, warehouses, factories, storage sheds – you can be sure to find the right Rickard Security keyless door locks and door entry solutions for your specific needs – guaranteed!