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When it comes to access to homes, buildings, residential complexes, and commercial or industrial properties, automatic gates make life much easier. These gates make it simple to create a secure and dependable security system around properties of any type. They are also ideal because of their ruggedness; and so they are well suited for outdoor applications.

And now, gated access to your properties – whether they are parks, warehouse grounds, health care facilities, storage areas or residential compounds - becomes an automatic choice with CAME gate operators and automation parts and components, including accessories like CAME photocells from Rickard Security.

CAME has been in this business since 1972, and has established itself as the market leader for gate automation products and solutions across the globe. Property owners, builders and facility managers have relied heavily on CAME access control solutions for their car parks, building entrances and residential complex gates. 

Rickard Security has partnered with CAME to offer its clients some of the most innovative gate automation products in the UK. Property owners and security system designers can use our CAME solutions to build multi-layered security for their homes and offices.

You can start with a strong gate automation solution, with powerful electric gate motors and supporting components, and gradually integrate other aspects of home, office and building security, including cloud-based IP cameras, digital PVRs and a range of door entry solutions.

More than just automated gates!

Automated gates provide more than just a level of physical security. They also offer mental security to people living behind and within those gates. Whether it is for an industrial application, or whether it is to provide security for a gated residential community, here at Rickard Security, we offer more than just automated gating systems. We deal in complete peace of mind!

When it comes to providing peace of mind to our customers, Rickard Security believes that you should have choice. That means you are not tied to a specific type of gate for your own security needs. We offer gate motors and gate openers for sliding gates and swing gates too, which means you’ll have the peace of mind building the type of gated solution that you like.  

Your automatic gates are there for one simple reason: To prevent uninvited traffic and visitors from entering onto your property or into your home.

  • What good will a gate do you, if it can’t be relied upon to do its job consistently – day in and day out?
  • How does a gate, which needs constant care and attention, help bring you peace of mind?
  • With so much at stake in terms of life and property, why would anyone settle for anything other than best in class gate automation?

A CAME gate automation system from Rickard Security does more than simply automate the opening and shutting of gates. Residents, homeowners, property managers and access security design engineers can rely on our solutions to provide them care-free protection from unwanted visitors. 

That’s because every CAME gate operator has been designed to deliver dependable access control to the gates they serve. From the photocells that help detect and control movement of the gates, to other high-precision technologies used to integrate gate automation with other advanced security solutions; everything about these systems have been carefully calibrated for optimum performance.

Whether it s gate motors that you are looking for, or you are in search for any other gate automation parts and components, Rickard Security is bound to offer you exactly what you need. Our vast inventory of products, components and spares includes:

  • CAME Automation Systems for sliding gates
  • CAME Amico 230v Kit for a Pair of Gates
  • CAME Amico 230v electric gate Kit
  • CAME ATI 230v Kit for a pair of gates - 3m
  • CAME ATI 24v Kit for a pair of gates - 3m
  • CAME ATI 24v Kit for a single gate - 5m
  • Single bi-directional photocells  - 10m range (ST/FR)
  • Aluminium column for DIW photocells - 0.5m height
  • …and much more

We carry some of the most widely used CAME solutions and kits that are used across the UK. And you’ll not only find what you are looking for – but you’ll see we are extremely price competitive as well!

Global expertise – local presence

In partnership with CAME, Rickard Security brings global expertise in the gate automation arena to the UK. By leveraging its worldwide skills and technologies, CAME is able to produce world class products and entry automation solutions that are considered best of breed. Best of all, thanks to Rickard Security’s supporting network, UK-based consumers have access to all of this state of the art technology right at their door steps – within their local communities.

  • Using CAME technology, electric gates cost far less than any other competing solution on the UK market
  • Our gate automation systems use some of the toughest components out there
  • They are designed to work under the most rigours conditions, whether heat, snow, rain or winds
  • Rickard Securities provided solutions are flexible, and can be adapted for any application, from protecting single family residences, to securing large industrial complexes and public access buildings 

From the smallest photocell switch, to the most robust high powered motors and sensors, Rickard Security stands behind every component that goes into its solutions. That’s because we know that CAME puts over 40+ years of its global expertise behind each solution we provide locally here in the UK. 

Here at Rickard Security, we’ve brought global gate automation expertise to the local communities we service. We offer:

  • Variety: With gate automation kits and components to meet a wide array of gating solutions
  • Responsiveness: We stand behind all of the solutions that we supply to our clients. From the photocells to the sensors and switches – we’ll quickly respond to all of your needs and queries
  • Quality: We take gate automation extremely seriously, because we are passionate about security. Our parts and components for automatic gates are built to some of the highest standards in the industry, and are built to last!
  • Performance: With CAME behind us, we are confident that your gate will exceed even the highest performance expectations – guaranteed!

And that’s the kind of global expertise and experience we bring to clients locally.

Simplification through automation

All Rickard Security gate access solutions are designed with one single aim in mind: Simplifying access through gate automation. What that means is that you’ll never need to exit from your car or truck, brave the pouring rain or snow, to physically unlock your gates. Rickard Security provided gate motors will help automate your access from within the comfort of your vehicle.

And if you had to exit or enter your premises in a hurry, you’ll never need to worry about finding the strength to push your 400 or 800 pound gate all by yourself – just to provide you access to or exit from the grounds. Our electric gate motors will do all the heavy lifting for you, automatically sliding the gates open and shut for you.

Residential units and commercial properties have yet another challenge with gate entry systems – how to prevent the gates from causing injury or damaging vehicles and other property passing through the gates. With a Rickard Security provided CAME gate automation solution installed that will never be an issue!

Thanks to CAME’s highly sensitive photocell sensor technology, you’ll never need to worry about ensuring the safety and security of your employees, guests, residents and family members as they enter or exit through the gates. Your gates will automatically open/close when requested, and will automatically stop in the event that an obstruction is detected.

This means that, if passing vehicles or infirm or elderly residents are moving through the gates, they will never risk being hit or injured by your gates. Rickard Security’s CAME solutions automate and simplify the process of safe passage for everyone!

The use of high quality photocell switch technology offers extremely reliable automation capability across various types of properties. Simple to install and easy to maintain, Rickard Security gate automation systems makes the automation of gates a no brainer. By the time you’re automated gate is installed, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t think of our systems before – guaranteed!

Cost-effective, reliable gate automation

Rickard Security gate automation solutions are centered around reliability, dependability and affordability. From the highly sensitive photocell switch used in our solutions, to the photocell sensor and other high end components that go around each system; our partner CAME is renowned for their attention to quality and robustness.

Every piece of the solution passes through some of the most robust quality control processes, ensuring that your gates operate at maximum reliability during any environmental or weather conditions. And unlike some of our competitors’ solutions, Rickard Security supported electric gates cost far less, and are far more dependable than any other gate automation solutions available today.

We believe that gate automation shouldn’t have to be complex – like rocket science! That’s why we design all of our solutions with simplicity in mind.