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POE Adapter

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PoE (Power over Ethernet) is a technology used to safely pass electrical power, along with data, over Ethernet cabling. 

By using free wires in the Ethernet cabling, PoE is a new exciting technology. By using PoE you can easily extend the range (30 metres) of your Ethernet devices without the need for a seperate power cable (to the loft, the conservatory etc.).

Compatible with all types of different devices such as IP telephones, IP cameras, wireless LAN access points and much more.Male Power connector is 5.5mm (outer diameter) x 2.1mm (inner diameter).


Passive PoE employs the original power supply of your device.One piece of the kit (the injector) is used to combine the power (power adapter) and the data (Ethernet cable to PC for example) into a single Ethernet cable (up to 30 metres in length). 

The other piece of the kit (the extractor) is used to seperate the power and data at the other end of the cable for a device such as an IP camera. This is a very basic example but Passive PoE has many exciting possibilities. 


  1. Compatible with 10/100/1000 networks (max connect speed is 100)
  2. Uses standard CAT5 network cabling
  3. upto 30 meters range
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