CAME ZL90 FROGJ and Amico control panel

CAME ZL90 FROGJ and Amico control panel

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ZL90 24v Control Panel for 2 leaf gates - for FROGJ and Amico, This product is engineered and manufactured by CAME cancelli automatici s.p.a. and complies with current safety regulations. Guaranteed 24 months if not tampered with. The control panel works on 230V a.c. of power, through the terminals L-N, 50/60Hz frequency. Both command and control devices and accessories are 24V powered. Warning! Accessories must not exceed 37 W overall. The control unit is fi tted with an amperometric device which constantly regulates the motor’s drive coeffi cient. When the gate runs into an obstacle, the amperometric sensor immediately detects an overcharge in the drive and redirects the gate’s direction of movement, and: - opens it if it is closing(1); - closes it if it is opening. (1) Warning!: in this case, after 3 consecutive obstacle detections, the gate will stop open excluding the automatic closing function; for movement to start again press the command button or use the remote control. All connections are protected by quick fuses, see table. The card provides and controls the following functions: - automatic closing after an open-command; - pre-fl ashing by the motion indicator; - obstacle detection when gate is still in any position; - continual monitoring of photocell operation. The following command modes are possible: - open/close; - open/close and maintained action; - partially open; - complete stop. After detecting an obstacle and depending on the type of connection used, the photocells may cause: - reopening of the gate when it is closing; - partial stop or obstacle stand-by.

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