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Home Security – Building blocks to get started!

Most home security companies will tell homeowners that, in order to secure your property and get the peace of mind you are looking for, it does not require a million pounds. If your security plan is well thought out, you can build a reasonably dependable security system by spending far less than you may think.

The trick however is to understand that most residences do not need high-flying satellites and un-manned drones buzzing overhead to provide the level of security required. If you partner with a security and door access system expert, they can very quickly get you started on a highly cost effective, yet robust home security plan.

Establishing the basics

While hi-tech ID badges, swipe cards and fingerprint recognition systems are great, in theory, for providing access control and security, the average home owner’s needs are far less sophisticated. However, that does not mean that good home security does not need state-of-the-art proven technology.

If you work with a reputable security company, they will be able to set you up with the basic building blocks for a technologically sound and advanced security system, which includes intercoms and door entry systems for flats and homes.


Intercoms are one of the basic building blocks that can set up a solid foundation for any residential security system. With a reliable intercom-based security system in place, flat owners can start thinking about then extending the power of their home security, by integrating other components to their overall security architecture. 

Well thought out intercom systems for home security:

  • Enable visitors, both scheduled and unexpected, a “legal” mechanism to establish their bonafides with flat owners, and seek their permission to enter
  • Allow home and flat owners a means of verbally and/or visually confirming the identity of their guests, visitors or casual acquaintances, before granting them permission to enter
  • Dissuade uninvited and un-required visitors from attempting to gain access to the flat, since they realise they will immediately be recognised and denied entry  

Most reputable intercom solutions are simple to install and extremely easy to operate. Depending on the complexity of the setup, and how the flat or residence is laid out, a typical installation could be up and running in a matter of hours.

In order to get this first building block in place however, it is essential that you work with an established home security device provider, specialising in locks, intercoms and other door access systems and components.


Door access control

Part of a comprehensive home security solution may also involve selecting and installing appropriate door entry systems for flats, residential complexes and homes. Depending on what the need is, and how secure one wants their flat or home to be, door entry solutions might comprise of:

  • Magnetic locks
  • Keypad-based locking solutions
  • Electric Strike locks
  • Other key-less door entry systems

Home and flat owners using such solutions as part of an enhanced home security system usually do not want to be bothered with the usual hassles that come with keyed door access. With high-tech door locks and entry systems, the need to create duplicate keys for new visitors and guests, and to cut new ones when keys are lost or misplaced, is also eliminated.

Keyless door entry systems enable home and flat owners the flexibility to quickly change access codes in the event that a code is compromised. This dynamic feature alone makes key-less door access solutions a more preferred security approach than conventional key-based locks and entry systems.

Once again, such solutions are only as reliable as the partner providing you the various components of your door access system. Working with an un-known entity is not recommended because it could compromise other aspects of your security plan – regardless of how well-structured those might be.

Taking it up a notch

Once the basic building blocks are in place, home security companies can then work with flat and other residential property owners to integrate other advanced security systems into their overall security plans. Industry professionals from Rickard Security may advise on using high-tech IP cameras, multi-channel Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), and a wide range of other home security devices to build a robust security system for your home.

These advanced home surveillance and monitoring technologies can easily be used in conjunction with keyless door entry systems and intercom systems from home and flat security, thus delivering a higher degree of peace of mind to residents and flat owners.

As is always the case though, the weakest link in your overall security plan – be it an intercom system or a door lock, can put even the most expensive security systems in jeopardy.   That makes it all the more essential for you to choose the right partners, and select devices and components that are proven in the home security industry.