Rickard Security – Access Systems For All Needs

Whether it’s your home or a business, a commercial or an industrial premises, Rickard Security supplied intercom systems offer the best of two P’s: Protection and Peace of mind!

By enabling you to interact with people requesting entry into or onto your property, you are able to ensure secure access to your premises, while at the same time knowing exactly who it is that you are granting access to. And that’s the type of peace of mind that Rickard Security solutions offer its clients.

In partnership with VIDEX, Rickard Security Systems has been providing innovative door entry systems and other access control solutions to security conscious residential, industrial and commercial consumers all over the UK. Our product lines are based on leading edge VIDEX technologies, and are acclaimed all over the world for their exceptional quality, dependability and durability.

Whether it is for indoor applications, such as inter-flat intercom systems, or whether it is to secure externally located gates and doors for factories, warehouses or storage depots, Rickard Security supplied door access systems have been proven to exceed client expectations – time after time.

Making security easy

In today’s world, security cannot be taken for granted; and nor can it’s need be underestimated. Before you allow anyone into your home, or grant them permission to enter your building or office, it is always advisable to identify who it is you are dealing with. By letting unknown visitors enter your premises, you may be risking harm to yourself as well as your property.

A Rickard Security provided security system lets you talk to and even view your intended visitors and guests, well before they enter your residence or business. With a state-of-the-art intercom or other entry verification unit in place, you’ll be able to:

  • Prevent un-invited visitors from setting foot into your home or office
  • Protect your property from vandalism and theft
  • Prepare yourself to receive guests well before they arrive at your home or office
  • Dissuade ‘tailgaters’ from making an entry behind legitimate guests and visitors
  • Ensure only authorised visitors are granted access, saving you the time and trouble of dealing with people who inadvertently find themselves at your door

With the right access control systems provided by us, securing your home, office or other premises becomes simple and easy. And because our systems are built to deliver flexibility and choice, you can extend the security of your property by integrating other add-on components, including our world renowned VIDEX entry control systems.

With a Rickard Security solution on your side, you are always in control of your own security!

Access control of your choices

Here at Rickard Security, you’ll find a wide range of security solutions that can be used anywhere, including securing:

  • Residences, flats and homes
  • Hospitals and health care facilities
  • Warehouses and storage facilities
  • Parks, playgrounds and other public places
  • Office buildings and commercial properties
  • …and many other types of buildings and structures

Given that each of these applications has its own diverse requirements, we’ve assembled access control systems to cater to all of them and much more. By layering various security components of our solutions, you can build a comprehensive security blanket that protects you from unwanted visitors.

Rickard Security offers you a choice of solutions that will enable you to interact with visitors – either through voice, video or both – right from the comfort of a safe and secure environment, be it from inside your home, office or factory, or from behind a gated security post or guard house. You may choose to allow access to anyone you talk with or view, or speak with them and let them know you do not want them to enter your premises. 

Ultimately, our security solutions are designed and built to empower you with the final decision on who gets to enter, and who is denied access. The choice is always yours!

Intercom’s – Flexibility in security

It is sometimes extremely difficult for residents, workers and building workers to walk to the front door or gate to meet, greet and verify each and every guest and visitor’s identity before granting them access to the building or premises. The challenge is magnified a hundred fold when the property in question has multiple residents, multiple floors and a number of access points.

Ideally, you want to:

  • Save time – sometimes amounting to hundreds of hours – in verifying visitors identity
  • Have the convenience of remotely interacting with guests and intending visitors, before making a decision on whether to allow access or deny it
  • Be able to open doors and gates only after you are satisfied that you are letting a friend (and not a foe!) into your property
  • Do all of this from a safe and comfortable distance

The solution: Rickard Security supplied intercom systems!

When you are looking for an intercom as part of a security solution, you are looking for something that will provide you flexibility of use. Ideally, you’d like the solution that you choose to:

  • Use already existing telephone sets – like a standard B.T device – rather than go out and search for other alternate devices to support your security system
  • Work with your existing phone, instead of having two separate phones – one for intercom access and the other for regular phone contact
  • Offer you the flexibility of controlling your door access through the same access systems that are used to answer your regular phone
  • Have your system call more than one phone from the same entrance panel
  • Not require a separate keypad to release your door/gate, but use your telephone’s keypad to do so
  • Divert a door entrance panel call to another number, in the event you need your visitor to speak with someone else on the premises

Whether you feel comfortable just speaking with your visitors before determining they are safe to enter, or whether you feel secure viewing who is at your entrance first, before granting them permission to enter; you’ll find the perfect intercom solution right here on our website – guaranteed!  

With Rickard Security solutions, you have the flexibility of having all of these features… and much more, at your disposal. Use our intercom solutions as stand-alone security features, or integrate them with other door access control components to create an even more robust layered security apparatus for your premises.

Easy to install, simple to program, our intercom solutions give residents, property managers and building operators the flexibility to create security protocols that are as simple or as complex as you need. 

Restricting access – Knowing your visitors

Busy residents, office workers under pressure, and inhabitants of bustling commercial or industrial premises are often challenged when it comes to granting access to homes and offices to legitimate visitors. Where security is absolutely essential – like research facilities, high-tech companies, or even homes and residences with minors or elderly inhabitants, that can pose an especially serious situation.

Often, in the hustle and bustle of routine life, people inside such facilities can unwillingly or unwittingly make the wrong choice and let unwanted individuals or groups into the premises. In some instances, the result could be catastrophic, while in many other cases it could add tremendous stress and disruption to normal routine.

The solution: Access systems from Rickard Security!

Access control for any environment

Here at Rickard Security, we specialise in offering complete access control solutions for all environments.

  • If you need secure access to your home or flat – we can help!
  • Is controlling access to your office important? – Give us a call!
  • Do you want to ensure only legitimate guests come through your research lab? – We’ve got you covered!
  • Thinking of verifying your visitor’s identity at the front gate before opening the gates? – We have just the right solution to do that!

With Rickard Security provided access control systems installed, you’ll never stress about whether there are unwanted guests or stowaways on your premises. Easy to install and configure, these high-tech devices will ensure that only guests with prior authorisation have entered. And best of all – every one of our systems can be integrated and layered to form a far more advanced security network all across your property.

  • Make sure you voice chat with your visitor first, ascertaining whether he/she/they have legitimate reason for being there. Once you are convinced, only then grant them access to enter
  • Use our technologies to only allow guests, with legitimate credentials, entry onto your premises
  • View your visitor/s at the front gate first, and when you have established their credentials, allow them to proceed into your home or office 

From homes to health care facilities, and from factories and warehouses to commercial buildings and public access points, Rickard Security systems protect and secure people and property 24/7. Whether it’s during heavy snow fall or in driving rain or high winds – your security will never be compromised. Our systems will ensure you have an invisible sentry controlling access to your doors and gates at all times.

With one of our controlled access solutions working for you, you’ll be able to interact with intended visitors from the comfort of your home, office or gate house. You’ll never have to brave the brutal forces of nature raging outside, in order to let your guests in. All it takes is a push of a button, and your visitors are clear to enter. It’s really that simple!

Secure doors - Managing door entry

It is often a challenge to continually have a physical presence at doors, gates and other access points – like sentries, guards or doormen – to grant physical access to guests, visitors and employees entering or exiting premises. For one, the cost of doing so is likely to be extremely prohibitive. While large industrial complexes may be able to afford such costs, the issue is especially pronounced for single homes, flats and small buildings.

With larger premises however, there is an additional challenge – that of “physically manning” several dozen entry points 24/7. Ideally, you’d like to be able to automate the function of individuals and groups entering your homes, residential complexes, offices and factories, while also ensuring that such entry is only permitted to authorised individuals.

Ultimately though, manually based security systems depend on human intervention. Sometimes, humans can and do err – making a “manned” door a single point of failure within the overall security network.

The solution: Keyless door entry systems from Rickard Security!

Door access made easy

Rickard Security entry control systems make securing access to doors and gates extremely simple and easy. With the help of innovative VIDEX technologies, Rickard door entry specialists can help you create a comprehensive access control system that is:

  • Easy to design and build
  • Simple to implement
  • Cost effective to maintain
  • Keyless – requiring no keys or traditional padlocks
  • Highly dynamic, enabling it to integrate into other advanced security solutions

Whether it is a single flat that needs its access controlled, or whether it is a large industrial complex with hundreds of entry points needing controlled access; Rickard Security access systems are up to the task.

Customer choice

Here at Rickard Security, we pride ourselves in offering a wide range of choice to our customers. We’ve assembled keyless door access control solutions from VIDEX, one of the world’s leading secure access system’s provider.  Our door access control solutions include:

  • Magnetic locks
  • Electric Strike locks
  • Keypad-based locking solutions
  • Keypad-based Voice systems
  • Other key-less door entry systems
  • Video-based access control solutions
  • …and a whole lot more!

The range of our solutions makes them easy to install and use across a broad variety of applications, from simple needs for small number of apartments or flats, to larger buildings or premises requiring more complex door accesses to control.

  • Do you have multiple residents that need keyless access to your building?
  • Are your employees authorised to enter or exit your office complex 24/7?
  • Want to get away from cutting a new set of keys every time someone looses their set?
  • Need a way to quickly grant access to a group of individuals to a secure facility

Rickard Security door entry systems are highly scalable, and can quickly be expanded from supporting single occupant flats, to cater to multi occupant requirements. Additional features, including proximity control and coded access can also be integrated without too much cost or effort.

Depending on your particular access needs, the installation can be integrated with voice and video access systems, and customised to also work in situations where entry panels must be located at a considerable distance from entry gates or flat/home doors.